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What services do I provide?

(Also linked to Doulas By the Bay Requirements)

  • 4 Prenatal Home Visits (2-3 hours each) 
  • Birth Attendance at home, birth center, or Hospital
  • 2 Postnatal Home Visits (1-2 Hours each)
  • Breastfeeding Education and support before and after birth
  • Birth Plan Development
  • Practical Comfort Measures in Labor
  • Practical Active Labor Positions
  • On call phone/ text supporter starting Week 37
  • Physical and Emotional Support
  • Support with Breastfeeding and bonding right after delivery
  • Support in processing birthing experience
  • Referrals to community resources

* Due to Covid 19, services are provided virtually or in person depending on person’s preferences of care in these times*

Prices are most times at a set rate but if you feel like you cannot afford services, please do not hesitate to contact me. Nobody should be without a Birth Doula.

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