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About Me

Sierra Apaniiwa Felicidad

Sierra has been called to work with The Gateways of Birth and Death since she was very young. Connected to her indigenous ancestors’ traditional ways of honoring the elements, her foundation of love for mothers and babies stems from her deep respect and honor she has for the Earth. 

Sierra was called to the Amazon Jungle to study with Midwives of Indigenous Heritage. She had the opportunity to stay with the Amupakin Tribe of the Amazon and learn their natural ways of giving birth. Prior, Sierra travelled to South America and The Hawaii Islands for 8 months working on Sacred Medicine Farms and being dedicated to The Ceremonial Way of Life. 

Sierra was her grandmother’s caretaker for 2 years and has assisted many elders along her journey (Being a Mother to the Elders she may call it).  She has worked for Hospice, studied alongside an Herbalist, and is currently enrolled in the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, to become a Hypnotherapist offering services particularly to Pregnant Mothers.

Listening to her dreams, she was shown it was time to move from the World of Death (Re-birth) to the World of Life (Birth). Through her experience of preparing to walk into the Birth World, she had to undergo a Birthing (Transformation) Process, herself. Lots of healing, re-harmonizing, and letting go, this experience has blessed Sierra with the understanding and compassion that is necessary to hold space for Mothers and Babies alike. With great peace and patience, Sierra can assist in maintaining an atmosphere of tranquility and remind mama, she is held, cared for, and honored, with every expression regardless of the circumstance.

Sierra’s future goals are to be a Midwife and offer services on Native American Reservations in South Dakota. She has been called to help co-create Indigenous Birth Centers around Turtle Island.

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